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  • Ensure your child reports to the school in ths time at the time of joining, after every vacation and after leave whenever granted.

  • Ensure your child reports to the school with proper kit, clothing and proper uniform.

  • Ensure timely payment of schoool fees and other dues.

  • Ensure your child does all her assigned vacation homework Assist her if need is felt.

  • To the extent possible talk to your child in English.

  • Try and install in your child moral value and respect for our rich heritage.

  • Teach her comapssion and humaneness

  • Meet your child's teacher every time you are permitted to visit the school and check her progress made.

  • Closely watch your child's language. Ensure she uses refined and appropriate expressions.

  • Instill in your child a love for school and home properly

  • Tell your child that it is more honourable to fail than to cheat in exams.

  • Help your child develop in all responsibility. Encourage participate in various activities.

  • Inculcate in your child respect for teachers and our national symbols.

  • To discipline children, make them feel good about themsel.

  • Treat children with respect and they will learn by example to reciprocate.

  • Be calm and assertive when disciplining your child, especially in the per-teenyears.

  • Kids need a clear set of rules to grow up.

  • Be an unauthoritative parent, not an authoritarian one.

  • Allow kids to express themselves. See life through their eyes.

  • Help your child accept failure along with success.

  • Make your child feel wanted



  • Don't encourage criticism of school and teachers by your child.

  • Don't talk ill of others in front of your child.

  • Don't encourage indulging in watching Television.

  • Don't play with emotion of your child.

  • Don't let your child into bad company and bad habbits.

  • Don't give extra pocket money to your child.

  • Don't force your child into embarrasing social situations. Explain to her your compulsion if any.

  • Don't treat your child as if it were an adult.

  • Don't undetermine your child's achievements.

  • Don't always discipline your child. May be we, as parents also need some discipline.

  • Don't undetermine your child's achievements.

  • Don't rebuke your child for lack of certain skills.

  • Don't punish your child for misbehaving or being self-absorbed.

  • Don't take your child's good conduct for granted.

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